• 1) A child who completes six years shall be admitted to the 1st
  • 2) New students are admitted at the beginning of the first term if they are found eligible for the standard to which admission is sought. Admission fees, school fees and first term fee will be collected from every new The amount thus collected shall not be refunded to the student for any reason, leave the school immediately after admission.
  • 3) Every application for admission should be made to the head of the school in the prescribed form by the parents or guardians of the students and they will be responsible for the students in all respect. Admissions will be in accordance with the rules of the Education Department, of Maharashtra.
  • 4) A student who comes to school fresh from home should produce a valid Birth Certificate along with his/her application. A student who has attended any recognized school before getting admitted here should produce a Leaving Certificate from the school last attended. If a student comes from a school outside the State of Maharashtra, the Leaving Certificate must be countersigned by the Educational Officer-in-charge of the district or division in which the previous school is
  • 5) Parents/Guardians wishing to withdraw their children or wards from the school should notify their intention in writing to the Head of the school a month in Advance. In the absence of a calendar months’ notice, the full fee for the following month will be charged before Leaving Certificate is issued.

Leaving Certificate will be given only to those who have settled their dues in full.